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Trump threatens "destruction" after Iran proposes it

The Iranian and American presidents have changed insults, with Hassan Rouhani suggesting that Donald Trump suffered a "mental disorder" and Trump once again threatened Iran with "destruction".

The personal exchange recalled similar verbal conflicts between the US UU. And North Korea by the end of 2017, underlining the volatility of US foreign policy. UU. In the current situation in the bay. Trump has oscillated between terrible threats and offers of conversations without preconditions, while increasing sanctions.

The aggravation of the confrontation became much more personal this week when the United States. UU. He imposed sanctions on Iran's top leader, Ali Khamenei, and eight military commanders and threatened to take action against Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

On Tuesday, Rouhani responded by describing the White House as "suffering from a mental illness" and said that the sanctions against Khamenei were "outrageous and idiotic," especially because the 80-year-old priesthood has no assets abroad or plans to travel . To the United States

The horror was an echo of Kim Jong-o's broadband against the US president. UU. In September 201

7, he described Trump as "psychologically corrupted dotard in the United States". The biased confrontation between Trump and Kim finally gave way to the summit and claims of mutual affection (with Trump even claiming they "fell in love"). However, the road to a diplomatic breakthrough with Iran seems much more complicated.

As it has often done before, the reference to Trump's mental faculties triggered an emotional response and a series of tweets

"Iran's leadership does not understand the words" kind "or" compassion ", they never have Unfortunately, what they understand is Strength and Power, and the US is by far, the most powerful military force in the world, with $ 1.5 billion invested only in the last two years, "he wrote.

"The United States has not forgotten Iran's use of bombs (IED) and EFP (bombs), which killed 2,000 Americans and wounded many more … All attacks from Iran on any American will have a great and overwhelming force. some areas will overwhelmingly cause destruction. "

Trump's estimate of the American victims It is much larger than the Pentagon's estimate of 600.

Iran has been convinced that it will not be pressured to make concessions and will not negotiate with the United States. UU. Under the current oil, banking and commercial embargo.

The trump administration has accompanied the increase in financial pressure with offers to talk. In recent days, Trump has said that the offer has no prerequisites. But there have been mixed messages about what any conversation would be about. Government officials have insisted that a broad list of 12 US requirements, including the readmission of Syria and the limitation of support to Hezbullah in Lebanon and Houthis in Yemen, must be met in order for sanctions to be lifted. 19659002] Trump has repeatedly suggested that his only concern is that Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon. Zarif repeated on Tuesday Iran's insistence that it will never seek a nuclear weapon, saying Islam prevented the country from doing so.

Iran has previously said it is ideologically and religiously opposed to the acquisition of nuclear weapons and is seeking energy. the core only for civilian purposes. But in the current unpredictable weather, Trump can capture Zarif's comments as a signal to speak.

Tehran warned that on Thursday it will break the boundaries of its low-level uranium reserves as stated in the 2015 nuclear power agreement. The sanctions on July 8 remedy a step that is potentially significant to raise the level of enriching uranium over the 3, 67% agreed in 2015.

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