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Tree man & # 39; asking for his hands to be amputated; can't do more with pain

The man of the tree in Bangladesh has asked the doctors to relieve him of his unbearable pain and amputated hands covered with bark-like growths.

Abul Bajandar 28 years old, has had 25 operations since 2016 to eliminate the growth of his hands and feet caused by a strange disease.

The man had been filled with joy when the doctors seemed to have treated his condition, after cutting 11 pounds (five kilos) of growth. But he returned to the hospital in January for the condition to deteriorate, with some growths of several inches.

The man has made international headlines in his fight against Verrucoid Epidermodysplasia, which is believed to only affect 200 people around the world.

"I can't stand anymore, I can't sleep at night, I asked the doctors to cut my hands so I could at least get some relief," said the man.

Doctors thought they had overcome the disease in 201

7, but it was not.

Abel had met his wife before he left and had become a father and could not wait to hug him. his daughter.

He said that for the first time he thought the warts were harmless, but slowly when the growth covered his hands and feet, he had to leave work.

More than 200 EVs have so far been reported in the literature, according to the Rare and Genetic Information Center, a branch of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Abul Bajandar and his family. .

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