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This is how the pandemic has changed trends in cosmetic surgery and medicine

At the beginning of this – unpredictable years, experts predicted that drugs, double chins or face fillers would be the focus of their work in the coming months in terms of medical-aesthetic treatments. What they did not expect, neither they nor almost anyone else, is that a few weeks after starting the gun by 2020, there would be a pandemic that would not only keep us tied up for months in our homes, but would completely change the way we live. . and think. Personal values ​​have taken a turn for the majority of the population, however social distance and telework have also affected our day to day and above all what is a priority for us. How has this situation affected the trends in aesthetic medicine and surgery? Has the demand for these efforts fallen now that the mask covers a large part of our face and we hardly have social events? Several professionals in the sector explain it to us.

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The first major change in our routine was to adapt to working from home. The meetings then ended up being meetings to become video conferences, and our self-esteem was not immune to seeing us face fixed on the screen for hours. According to Dr. Germán Macía, Medical Director of the Icifacial Cosmetic Surgical Clinic, “we tend to look more at ourselves than at our current conversations than at our speakers, unknowingly, we spend more time evaluating our facial features. Features that are more difficult to compensate with hairstyle or clothes, because we only show the face. “The solution for many? Take aesthetic interventions, whose postoperative is also easier to combine with life and current work.

“If we compare the current period with the previous year, we notice an increase of more than 12% in the demand for aesthetic medical treatments – botox, hyaluronic acid, vitamins … – and more than 24% in requests for cosmetic surgery“says Dr. Miguel de la Peña, Medical Director of the Diego de León Clinics, confirming the growth of his sector. In addition to video calls and the analysis we have exposed every millimeter of our face, De La Peña points to emotional instability caused by confinement and pandemic as another reason for this increase: “When we go through a complicated period that causes us some emotional instability, we focus on feeling better about ourselves. And that’s what our patients are looking for, make small changes to feel better about themselves, he says.

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The other good side of the mask

The obligatory use of the mask as a preventive measure against infectivity leads us to believe that, as with make-up, medical-aesthetic interventions would focus on the gaze or forehead. Nothing could be further from the truth: Rhinoplasty remains unbeatable as the most requested surgery, while lip filling continues to receive support, especially among younger girls. And the explanation is exactly the mask: it covers bruises or swelling that can occur after these treatments for a few days. “Our patients have also taken advantage of the mandatory use of a mask to perform mini-surgeries such as bichectomy, extraction of bichat balls or the small accumulations of fat that accumulate in the lower area of ​​the cheeks to achieve a more streamlined and thin facial oval. They have also taken the opportunity to perform pointed rhinos to correct the tip of the nose. In this way, the small inflammation or bruising after this minor operation is better hidden with the mask; a practice that has spread to the lips, which can become inflamed after filling, “explains Dr. Miguel de la Peña.

For her part, Leticia Carrera, director of the Felicidad Carrera Center, confirms interest in certain facial areas has not been lost Because, “even if they are covered, we are currently taking care of ourselves to see ourselves better and not so much that others see us.” In their aesthetic medicine centers, the demand for containment has increased significantly, “and the most in demand so far has been botoxinfiltrering, because the effect is less lasting than for other infiltrations and Wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes have appeared in forty which we no longer remembered, “he says; a trend that has also been seen in the Diego de León clinics, where in addition to treatments to soothe the crow’s feet, dark circles fill with hyaluronic acid.” We have named them “Quarantine dark circles” because they have been accentuated during that period and they are even more hidden. “

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And what about the body?

In addition to making dark circles worse, the quarantine caused the Spaniards to gain on average between 4 and 6 kilos, And sedentary lifestyle did not do much to maintain our muscle tone. But do we worry about the condition of our body during a summer where we will neither travel that much nor are there major social events? It is understood that for health we should logically take care of the physical, but on an absolutely aesthetic level, How have body treatments been affected? “I would say that demand has been maintained,” says Leticia Carrera. “Every year before the summer we carried out many body treatments to improve the figure, and although it is true that this year the main goal was not to show off the body during the summer holidays because many of our customers had canceled their plans, they were looking for restore the figure from before the enclosure and look better in front of the mirror“.

Not exercising or, on the contrary, exercising and realizing that there are areas from which we can not get rid of local fat or an extremely healthy lifestyle are two reasons that according to Dr. Miguel de la Peña has led to one increase in physical activity in recent weeks. “They have come to our breast augmentation consultations, which always lead the ranking of the demand for cosmetic surgery intervention, and above all to perform a 360 body contours. Through high-resolution liposuction or the laser technique, the fat is extracted in an accurate and accurate way. At the same time, its advanced technology allows to literally sculpt and define the area to be treated, giving the skin firmness. Our patients love the opportunity to reinject the extracted fat – a centrifuged and renovated area in areas where they want to add volume in a natural way, such as the buttocks, “she explains of this protocol, which confirms that despite the radical change it has given life so far this year we still want to look good, and if both the face – half-masked by the mask – and the body – which will wear fewer bikinis this summer than ever – are not visible, it is clear that, as the experts expected, We do it for ourselves and for no one else.

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