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They reveal what Cristiano Ronaldo’s “outburst” was about not winning the Golden Boot or the Series A MVP

One more season A league and another league title for juventus of Cristiano Ronaldo. But the Portuguese did not take it so well, as he would have done a huge “rage” for not winning Golden Boot, neither him MVP.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Cristiano Ronaldo he was full of “anger and bitterness” after receiving no recognition in A league. It should be remembered that this is only his second season as a player in juventus.

Show how he was

Photo: @Gazzetta_it

Cristiano Ronaldo aimed to win Golden Boot, to become the only player to do so in elitserien, The Spanish league and in A league, in addition to being recognized as MVP of the tournament. But these acknowledgments were for Ciro Immobile and Paulo Dybała respective. Here we leave you the record he got.

He lost the battle for the points title in recent days. At the decisive date Maurizio Often did not even call Cristiano Ronaldo And so the Portuguese were four goals away from tying Ciro Immobile and five to become this year’s top scorer.

he MVP yes he got it … but in The 2018-2019 season. During his first year as a player in juventus he was recognized as the best player of the year A league but this time, your partner and best partner, Paulo Dybala, he earned it.

A winner as it is Cristiano Ronaldo, it will hardly be vacant. Have not conquered or Golden Boot, neither him MVP they insure it for at least another year juventus. One where he will try to conquer everything in front of him.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s rematch

The season off Cristiano Ronaldo It’s not over. Juventus face Olympique Lyon in the round of 16 in the Champions League. Not for nothing is the Portuguese known as Mr. Champions and the European tournament can mean his revenge. It should be remembered that ‘Vecchia Signora’ has never won it.

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