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They reveal the millionaire amount that Epic Games paid for control exclusivity

The latest title on Remedy Enterteinment, Control was announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and a year later the developer announced an exclusive deal with Epic Games Store, which would only make it available through this store at PC for 1 year. It is known that for these agreements to be finalized Epic Games pays distributors and developers, but the sum to get the exclusive was not known. If you wondered, your doubts will be resolved, because today it was revealed how much the deal cost Epic Games.

According to Daniel Ahmad industry analyst, Digital Bros, the parent company of 505 Games (distributor of Control ) announced that the amount it received from Epic Games for the temporary exclusivity for Control on PC was EUR 9.49 million (about 1

0,456,556 MDD), as read in the company's financial report.

This amount represents "the revenue generated in the Epic Games store related to the revenue from the PC version of video games Control ," according to information from VG247 . It is important to mention that this figure should not be confused with the revenue from the game from sales. In other words, this amount represents the exclusivity agreement only, as the report is from June. Control was available until the end of August.

Another important detail is that it exceeded the amounts it received from other digital stores, such as Steam (EUR 9 349 million), PlayStation Network (EUR 7 118 million), Microsoft Xbox LIVE (EUR 4 502 million), and Nintendo (EUR 2 391 million). Of the € 9.49 million as exclusive to Control 55% went to the 505 Games distributor.

What are you thinking about this agreement? Do you think the sum is important for a one-year exclusivity? Tell us in the comments.

In news related to the Epic Games Store, we said yesterday that for a limited time you can get 6 Batman games free of charge in the store, which talks about how engaged Epic is Games to increase its platform [19659002] As for Control you should know that there will be DLC and that one is expected to be related to Alan Wake . Similarly, we commented that the game had some performance issues at launch, but Remedy Entertainment worked to resolve them.

Control is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC since August 27. You can find more news related to him if you visit his file or if you review them.

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