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They pretended to sell "cheap" cars to doll buyers


Seven test subjects alleged stole during modus operandi "Second Hand" were arrested this Sunday when attempted to flee the streets of the mayor's office Iztapalapa.

The individuals agreed with the victims about a meeting place to buy and sell the vehicle, as they robbed the victims of money and vehicles.

The Citizen Security (SSC) Secretariat reported that the detention was achieved thanks to a report warning that a group of people had removed a person from their vehicle and cash and fled on Tláhuac Avenue.

In addition, a second unit was discovered involved in the illegal, which after a persecution was secured at the height of the peripheral ring and Morelos Street, Iztapalapa City Hall.

For these incidents, seven men aged 23, 25, 35 and 36, as well as two children under the age of 17 and 16 who were secured with firearms, cash and both vehicles.


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