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They find in Palenque mask of Pakal El Grande

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CITY OF MEXICO .- As a result of exploration and conservation work in Palenque, in Chiapas, under the auspices of the archaeologist Arnoldo González Cruz – recognized by his investigation in the grave of Red Queen – a stiff head of the famous Pakal II ruler, an ornaments and a tunnel in the palace's architectural ensemble was discovered.

It is believed that the mask could represent the face properties of K & # 39; inich Janaab & # 39; Pakal II (603-683 AD), ruler of Palenque, who led his sovereignty to be one of the most powerful and richest in the Western Mayan area from a political and military point of view, reports the portal for News from the newspaper Proceso

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The discovery was made by Jorge Gutiérrez, Culture Secretary, Diego Prieto, Head of the National Institute of Anthropology and History; Carlos Morelos, Municipal President of Palenque, and Carlos Suárez Deputy Secretary for Culture in that Unit.

The sculpture with the Mayan line face, also known as Pakal El Grande was in house E in the architectural setting of El Palacio, next to a ritual deposit of ceramics and aquatic fauna while the work was done to deal with problems with water building in the monument.

The archeologist, who has worked in the area for years, explained that the mask is characterized by an outbreak in the mouth, which may mean that it represents Pakal II in his age . It is also known that Pakal lived until he was 80 years old and ruled to his death:

"It should be noted that, unlike other Mayan places where representations are generic, in Palenque many of the features we looking in murals or stone cuts are faithful reflections of specific signs, "says archaeologist Benito Vengas Durán, who, along with Wenceslao Urbina Cruz, also participates in the research project.

In the offer that followed the pavement, figures were pots ceramics, carved bones, jadeite fragments, nacre shell objects, obsidian and skeletal remains of marine animals such as turtles, fish, lizards, crab claws, snails and birds. While in house C, nosepiece was found.

INAH also announced that the work is part of the first step, initiated in May of May, by an Integrated Conservation Project conducted by the Institute with the support of the United States Embassy in Mexico through the ambassador's fund of the National Cultural Department (AFCP, for its acronym in English), which also includes the recoverer Haydeé Orea Magaña.

The announcement of the finding also reported that the houses B and D will attend 201

9 and, by 2020, House A, with funds from the US government . It will also launch a monitoring of Pakal's funeral chamber, considered to be the most remarkable in Mesoamerica, with new technology, which would allow a virtual visit to the site, "without compromising this important asset," said the restaurator.

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