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They confirm 12 dead in ambush against the LeBarón family, 9 of them underage

Chihuahua.— In what is assumed was an ambush made by a group of organized crime within the borders of Chihuahua and Sonora, 12 members of the Mormon family LeBarón ( three women and nine Minors were murdered and five minors were found missing tonight.

According to the version of two relatives of the victims, to whom EL UNIVERSAL had access, the events began at 9:30 am on Monday, when three women and their fourteen children left Bavispe, Sonora en route to the Mormon community in La Mora located four hours from the municipality Galeana, Chihuahua.

On the road, the vehicle manned by Rhonita Miller LeBarón and her four children: a couple of twins from six months and two children of 8 and 1

0 years suffered a breakdown in one of the tires, so the other vehicle was returned to Bavispe to get another unit, but as they approached the place where Rhonita and her children had left, they observed large clouds of smoke.

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When they reached the point, they completely located the bodies completely calculated . There they were victims of a new assault with bullets, so the two women and ten minors ran to various points to be safe.

During the escape, the two women, Christina and Dawna, as well as five of his children were killed by hitmen while five other children driven by the oldest of them, fled out of the place and until now they were in capacity disappeared but the community hopes to find them alive, however, because they were aware that they were hiding in the area.

criminal group responsible for the attack interrupted all communications in the region and maintained a nearby security fence to avoid police intervention so it was not until 19:00 hours that members of the family LeBarón could approach the place and thus confirm what had happened.

Parts of the army and National Guard are deployed in the region in a search operation with local authorities.


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