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The revocation of the mandate, as an exercise of citizens' participation in Aguascalientes

  • Last week, popular consultation and mandate revocation mechanisms of citizens were approved
  • In Aguascalientes, Citizens Participation Law is already considering a mandate revocation mechanism, which can be requested from governors, deputies and municipal presidents
  • misunderstood and used as a tool for re-election

Last week, the reforms of the mechanisms for consultation with the people and the revocation of the mandate were approved. . This proposal was strongly supported by the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) and it is claimed that it is to promote citizen participation. In the case of the recall, it can be requested once every six years, but not before a request from citizens, which must be at least three percent of the nominal list in 1

7 states in the country.

Roberto Díaz Ruiz, President of the National Chamber of Freight Transport (Canacar) in Aguascalientes, explained that with this type of reform it is suspected that it may be a proposal for possible re-election. However, he said of the withdrawal of the mandate: "What is good? Well, if that official doesn't do his job as it should be, society has that right. "

As to whether a change of president in the middle of his term could affect state governance, the head of Canacar emphasized in the unit that there are several countries that have these systems, citing whether it is likely to work. He added: "The truth is that nothing happens if we do things right. We must have all the provinces and of course, for the participation of society is also very important for things to go. "

Roberto Díaz Ruiz considered" the fear that exists in many people is that it could be given, together with the revocation of the mandate, to arrive at an attempt at a possible re-election ". The re-election is already being considered for some public officials, such as the elderly or mayor, and the head of Canacar in Aguascalientes would not be surprised if this policy were extended to other areas. The fear that exists for certain sectors of society is that the repeal of the mandate can be abused.

The Secretary General of the Government, Enrique Morán Faz, reiterated that the withdrawal of the mandate serves as an exercise in citizen participation: “To the extent that organized society can, above all, have this kind of measures to make adjustments to accounts with the authority , because we are expanding freedoms. " Particularly in Aguascalientes, there is a Citizens Participation Act, which was published in February 2018 in the official state newspaper ; where, among other topics such as census, consultation on the revocation of mandates is involved.

According to Article 54, consultation on the revocation of mandate "is an instrument of participation which, if applicable, the citizens of the State, their municipalities or its districts submit to the consultation and vote for the duration of the office of a citizen holding a post as a people's choice. "Those who are susceptible to this mechanism are: the governor (with ten percent of the state's electoral roll); local deputies and municipal presidents (with specific requirements for each individual case of either of the two charges)." is filed for a period equal to or more than one-third of the term of office which is repealed and the state constitution is established.Although this law for citizen participation is already in place, the reality is that in practice it has not had much noise in society and is beginning to practice it may be the water feature to see the functions of these mechanisms.

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