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The director of The Last of Us 2 addresses the “crisis”: “I have failed to manage the balance of my team”

As you know, Naughty Dog has been one of many studies to take up the crunch exercise, where working hours are exceeded to work overtime during development. Druckmann has always been reluctant to talk about this practice, even though he recently opened up about it.

The Last opf Us Part 2 has been with us for almost a month now PS4But throughout that time, international specialized criticism has won quite well – here you can read the analysis we did – despite the discourse it has created. Although in the end he was also another victim of the well-known review bombing on Metacritic.

As the central figure is and has always been its creator and co-director Neil Druckmann, who has been very open to the harassment he and his team have experienced before and after the launch The Last of Us Part 2. He even had a more than heated conversation on Twitter with Bloomista periodist Jason Schreier, source of much tension between both parties within the environment.

One of the issues that pressure has been put on Druckmann was the culture in crackling, reported in Naughty dog, which often seems even accepted when there is no other choice. The study, which has always been at the center of controversy about this, did Druckmann will not comment about it, until now, because in a new interview it seems to have been sincere.

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Troy Baker, voice actor in both games, has discussed it with the director of his podcast LeGiT (Let̵

7;s get into that), where he dealt with topics already discussed, until the end came. Where, Druckmann claimed to understand Naughty Dog’s reputation for crunch, even commenting that he comes from “respected” sources and came to criticize himself: “I have failed to manage my work life balance.” But he also wants people to know the situation is not black or white.

He acknowledges his shortcomings in culture crunch sv Naughty Dogas well as Running a studio is not that simple as many believe. He mentioned that many left the project to not be able to work on anything in particular, although he later talked about availability in The Last of Us part 2. Druckmann himself tried not to place his spirit, but they insisted on continuing to add more features ; now he claims they were right The game can be enjoyed in many ways by many people.

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His argument is that sometimes so many hours do not come from a manager who turns the team, comes from passion. In the future, he comments that there are plans to avoid these crunch problems, even if it does not address in detail. In the end, he confirms that the unfounded critics do not take them into account and that they even pass them on to each other. in addition to deaths and rapes, that they go to Sony’s legal team.

The studio already seems to be working on something new for the PS5. ¿What do you think of all this?

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