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The day Tania Ruiz starred in the viral video of the 19S earthquake

Two years ago, the Mexican Republic in various regions suffered a magnitude 7.1 earthquake, a phenomenon that, despite the terror that citizens felt, was documented in videos by some of the people.

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Tania Ruiz responds to the disguise of Peña Nieto in New York

One of them was the former president's model and current girlfriend Enrique Peña Nieto Tania Ruiz who shared on Instagram, a video of the earthquake moment.

"Today, two years ago, to live one of the strongest moments of my life and my brother's," he wrote in his Instagram stories to commemorate the second anniversary of the earthquake. [19659006] In the recording, Potosina and her brother are observed in a bedroom that is folded into the wall of the room and prays, she my guardian angel and he our father.

"Today I thank God for being alive !!!! I'm healthy, I'm ViVa, I'm here !!!! After my panic today of seeing the winged building fall ”(sic), he commented in his publication which was made a day after the earthquake.

After 19S, the model said that "life is so fragile that in a minute it goes away. In truth, thank God for allowing me to be here. And thanks to my angels for not stopping saying angels by my guardians. "


A few days ago Tania Ruiz was seen next to Enrique Peña Nieto in New York with some comic costumes that were not discovered by the paparazzi.

  Peña Nieto and Tania Ruiz Photo: Twitter @nacholozano

But they did not achieve their mission because they were caught eating Japanese food and now the photographs are circulating on the internet and social networks.

Following the ridiculous and ill-intentioned comments about their "suits," the original model by San Luis Potosí posted a story on his account from Instagram compiling a few "memes" followed by a message. "I love getting smiles. Blessings to everyone," he wrote.

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