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Rayados 1-1 Chivas: Goles Jornada 14 Apertura 2019, Crónica VIDEO

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Pese a que Rayados mostró voluntad e intensidad en el recreso de Antonio Mohamed solo for Alcazó for empath 1-1 with Chivas resulted in the muy poco le sirven an ambos equipos and aspiraciones for clasificar a la Liguilla .

Monterrey buses are proving to be the balloon parade of 11 'César Montes is located on the other side of the march in a position of direct and a position of guardian Antonio Rodríguez.

with a reminder of the media distances of Miguel Layún, as a result of his request for cobro Pabón, Funes Mori pointed out a primer for the prolongation of the pelota y Jesus Gallardo, which is a pin for 1-0 at 13 '

El mundialista mexicano tuvo otro par de oportunidades para However, in the case of Albiazul, per definition of clarity to define corrections and pointers to the Tranquilidad and Los Rayados, which are located in Chivas poco and poco comunção a tocar may el balón.

Al 42 'Los Rojiblancos realizaron a series of two already The Monterrey area and the probationary of a marquee float, Oribe abrió una pelota a la izquierda para Miguel Ponce, defined by the Zurda and primer posta poner el 1-1 .

La segunda parte fue de ida y many, with the equipments of the trustee, as well as in the moment of the estrangement of a guardian of Rodríguez, a variety of cases in which it is possible to evacuate or leave the regions.

Montes estrelló otro balón a el larguer al 69 'with a remake of the full 72' Funes Mori opposes disparo a las manos de Toño Rodríguez.

Vincent Janssen is in favor of the Rayado's electorate, which is different from Maxi Meza; centers on Alexis Vega have this proposition of tapas, for the trustee of the petitioner of Albiazul.

His embargo, not the only one of the position of the marquee in segundo gol parle llevarse el triunfo.

Confirm, Monterrey is a 17 point per margin of error of minima pretending to be classified in Liguilla, which is 13 Guadalajara monkeys of some 13 and practical quota for Fiesta Grande. [19659004]

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