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Pumas Tabasco and safety damage

On June 24, 2020, it was announced that Pumas would have a subsidiary in Expansion League Mx, i TabascoSix days later, the security damage began.

The National University Club’s arrival at the Villahermosa Olympic Stadium caused a Paralympic athlete with visual impairment to lose his job and cause the expulsion of a football school that agglomerates more than 100 children: Francisco Rosa’s Angel League (FRA), footballers’ legacy as the Lainez brothers and the Chivas brothers went through, Sebastián Martínez, among others.

“They told me I had to leave the premises because they were going to rebuild the stadium and then allow a private person […] “I already went to demonstrate outside the government palace, but they just put me in the office so that the press did not come and they did not tell me what was going to happen,”

; he said. ESPN Digital, Daniel Jiménez Bertruy, a Paralympic athlete with impaired vision who twice represented Mexico at an Olympics.

Daniel Jiménez Bertruy He occupied a place near the stadium to practice his profession as a physiotherapist and bring life to himself, his wife and daughter. For 16 years he received permission from the authorities until in one moment they asked him to leave the premises.

“I do not know what will happen, they do not give us reason; We already went to ask the authorities and they do not tell us what the future of the property is, because the stadium was for public use and now they want to give it to Pumas“.

In the same place there now Pumas They will try to polish their numbers, they took their first steps as football players Diego and Mauro Lainez, in a football school that for almost 30 years occupied the stadium’s facilities Villahermosa Olympic to play matches on the weekends and that a few days ago they were asked to take out their things to do the rebuilding of the property.

“We do not want to go ahead of ourselves if we feel bad about how they asked us to leave. We have a permit and we have to renew it, I’ll see what they tell us. We have always worked in the arena, whether there are teams from the Ascension League or the Premier League, we hope to continue in the same way, “said Ignacio Ramírez, president of the Francisco Rosa Angel League (FRA), through which Diego and Mauro Lainez passed. up to 14 years old.

The Tabasco Institute for Youth and Sport (INJUDET) was requested, but there was no response to the request for an interview. Only the stadium roof is known for renovation and the work is expected to be completed before August.

Pumas prepare for their arrival in TabascoAt the same time, a Paralympic athlete does not know his future and one of the state’s football players is threatened.

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