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NES Classic Edition returns on June 29th

Nintendo of America announced that NES Classic Edition will return to the stores on June 29, and that the range of this console and SNES Classic Edition will continue.

Nintendo had promised in September 2017, and what now it fulfills: NES Classic Edition . The company's first retro console, sold as hot cakes in 2016, will be back on June 29th. The news was shared by Nintendo de América via its account on Twitter . In this way, it is a fatal blow to the hammer, as it is not unusual to find this system of 5,000 pesos or more.

In fact, some people took advantage of the lack of this platform and the high demand that had by acquiring everything as a customer and then selling at inflated prices. Okay, that is the supply and demand market, but does not abuse either. In fact, those who paid more than usual all they did was make this ugly business grow more and more.

I do not know what happened to NES Classic Edition in America was replicated with its European counterpart, Nintendo Classic Mini . In fact, it was shameful that Big N could not meet the wishes not only of the stores but of the players. Fortunately, it is noted that with SNES Classic Edition much changed. In fact, I think no one ever complained about not getting it.

It's very easy to order online now, and I think it will be even easier. NOA also announced that both consoles will be available by the end of the year. So if the current transport is exhausted, then it's no problem. Anyway, I think it is already approaching the saturation point, so prices may fall from this point until the end of 2018.

Will NES Classic Edition and continue to be done? SNES Classic Edition after this year? I do not know, but I think those who expect something like a N64 of the same style, have to wait for something more. Of course, I hope we will see a Game Boy Classic Edition sometime. A console of this type with a selection of the best titles on this laptop, as well as Game Boy Color . It would be great!

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