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Maxcom busca declararse en bancarrota and Estados Unidos

 Maxcom proposition of services and dates of client residences, as well as of payments and median empresses and merchandise for consideration of telmex, the America Móvil, by Empress Carlos Slim. © Cuartoscuro
 Maxcom offers a range of services and dates to client residences, as well as companies and medians, and markets that are considered to be available by Telmex, the America Móvil, by Carlos Slim.

Maxcom Telecomunicaciones solicits the protection of the bank and the legislature, with the object of the restaurant su deuda. The company and subsidiary Maxcom USA solicitor protection of the assets of the Capitol 11 of the Quiebras of Estados Unidos, for 100 and 500 million dollars (mdd) and activists and passivos.

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The company anticipates the bankruptcy anticipation of an interdisciplinary agreement with the tenants of senior executives and 2020 – receivables of new and effective loans.

Los tenedores de las dos terceras partes de notas He agrees to the general public with no guarantees and capital for his assets, informcom Maxcom.

Cuando una empresa se apega a la protección de quiebra, now that there is a limitation of los acredores para no puedan demandar, llevarse activos o clausurarla. It is the finest of the company to operate, which does not mean that they are legally and unacquainted with their personalities, expressions or institutions, and their duties.

La Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) registers at a rate of 5.6% and 1.7 pesos. Y and now it is up to 70% of the value of the battery.

"The two components of the company are undergoing the restructuring of the Capitulo 11, as well as the Restructuring Exit of the Step Up Senior Notes , Reducing the Company, Advocate for the Balance Sheet, Colocaran and Company, and a Situation of Competitive and Solicitous to a New Client and Miscellaneous, Developing a Mayor's Return and Accounts, "Deputy Erik González, Deputy President Finance of Maxcom.

Maxcom offers service of dates and client's residences, as well as clients and medians, and clients who are considered to be established by Telmex, the America Móvil, by Empress Carlos Slim.

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