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López Obrador's "fear" of a coup after the frustrated prisoner of Ovidio Guzmán

The frustrated prisoner of and Ovidio Guzmán López son ​​of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán has destabilized the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). After the confrontation in Culiacán between the armed forces and Sinaloa Cartel the President has not been able to silence the criticism of the failed operation .

These weeks, the federal government has corrected and reversed its own versions on so many occasions that so far there is no clarity as to what happened on October 1

7 when the army was surpassed by organized crime in Sinaloa.

First it was said that Ovid Guzman had been unintentionally located, almost by luck, hours later, the administration must admit that it was a planned operation that went wrong. Secretary for Security and Civil Protection, Alfonso Durazo then warned of any leaks that would have allowed the cartel to organize and prevent the capture of the son of El Chapo, but last Friday he denied that they were .

It has also been necessary to clarify whether or not the president knew about the operation, and whether his target was really Ovid Guzmán or his brother, Archivaldo. The last contradiction involves the alleged responsible for the operation colonel of the drug group Juan José Verde Montes . Probably the military acted without the permission of his superior. One day after his name was published, the Ministry of Defense (Sedena) made it clear that he did not participate directly in the Culiacán operation but coordinated it from Mexico City.

The half explanation of the operation in Sinaloa does not end with clarifying who were the politicians responsible for allowing and dropping Ovid or how it was that a cartel obstructed his intention. Nevertheless, the president is adamant that his government made the right decision by releasing one of Joaquín Guzmán Loera's successors.

Criticism against the administration of Tabasco comes not only from public opinion, The army is upset . Carlos Demetrio Gaytán Ochoa openly challenged Obrador's "strategic decision" and attributed to the military hierarchy "the very high responsibility of keeping the country cohesive, contributing to its calm as soon as possible and doing everything with the lowest social costs and greatest efficiency" .

"We feel upset as Mexicans and insulted as soldiers" he told hundreds of generals and retired officials who met this weekend in Mexico City. Without directly mentioning the president or his absolute command in the armed forces, he warned that the executive's legitimacy has allowed him to make almost unilateral strategic decisions that have not convinced the army.

Ochoa is not the only one who has criticized Obrador, Sergio Aponte Polito retired general who led operations against drug trafficking for three decades, said in an interview for Process that "the fact that in the operation carried out in Culiacán, an alleged drug dealer of significant importance was arrested and then ordered to be released "generates in the military body a feeling of discomfort and disappointment with the administration of López Obrador, with " grievances and anger for the dead and wounded from this confrontation ”. In this regard, Aponte noted that one military man was "massacred and another lost one leg of a 0.50 caliber Barret rifle shot" .

The viability of the security strategy is in doubt and criticism of the President for the release of Ovid does not end. Against this backdrop, López Obrador said this weekend that he was immune to a coup because he was supported by a citizen majority.

Your message on social networks has not been well received by the opposition, which has asked you to clarify your message. The National Action Party (PAN) demanded through a statement indicating the threats facing the country .

"It is very striking that in the midst of an economic and security crisis the President points out a kind of threat to the coup d'état, it is necessary to specify what kind of risk we face and who specifically , "Said party leader Marko Cortés, who agreed with the criticism of the generals against Obrador.

" We agree with General Carlos Gaytán who says that are millions of Mexicans concerned about the current situation and those who feel upset for many reasons; for bending the Mexican government to organized crime, with increasing violence, federal and local jurisdiction, for causing an economic downturn with its poor decisions. For all this, we agree with the public and express our broadest appreciation to the Armed Forces, once again reaffirming their principles of honor, courage and loyalty to the people of Mexico, ”the statement said.

National Action also said that the government's "bad decision" has caused a decline in economic activity so a change in government strategy that reactivates investment is urgently productive and internal consumption.

Similarly, Bishop of Tabasco (state AMLO comes from) on Sunday said that when the president's commitments are fulfilled, the alleged intentions to provide a coup in Mexico.

At Sunday's press conference, Gerardo de Jesús Rojas López said the city expects the current administration to fulfill its campaign promises. "That there are opportunities, that companies will come and that people can have a decent job of earning their daily bread."

During this Sunday Tabasco again shared a video on social networks saying that " there is nothing to fear, we are doing very well because we meet the people and the people support us . "

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