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Lobos BUAP will not play in LBM despite having 12 players and Pony Ruíz

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Although he had already been given as a sure member of Mexican Football League, Finally the attempt to revive Lobos BUAP was unsuccessful, after Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla decided not to grant the license and loan to use the stadium and the image of the club.

Guillermo Aguilar, businessman who wants to invest in Los Lobos, assured them that they were not missing anything that BUAP asked them to carry out delivery of documents, but were not satisfied with the use of an intermediary.

“We did not need any documents, we sent all the documents to an alleged lawyer who was sent by the lawyer, lawyer Adrián Montes. So we send all documents by mail and WhatsApp; in the end I came about 20 or 25 times to knock on the door to personally hand over the documents to the Attorney General, then it was not reasonable for me to deliver documents to a third party, less when it̵

7;s sensitive paper, ”he said in an interview with the newspaper THIS.

The lawyer for Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Rosa Isela Ávalos Mendez, commented that the Guadalajara businessman did not follow the process and therefore they did not sign the papers to deliver the loan for the use of the brand and the stadium.

Mr Aguilar never presented the requested documentation (self-declaration, bank statement). Nor did it meet the requirements requested by BUAP, and nothing was signed with him, he said.

Only this Wednesday BUAP wolves disappeared from social networks because they were not allowed to use the image, but to report on the situation, when they had sounded and even announced Rodrigo “Pony” Ruíz as coach of one of LMB’s basic franchise companies.

It was June 27 then Mexican Football League welcomed the team after they paid 5 million pesos for the record, with what seemed to be reborn after leaving the Liga MX by selling when the franchise went out to Juárez.

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