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Juan Díaz resigns as president of SNTE

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Juan Díaz de la Torre applied for a final license to the position of Chairman of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE); proposed to change guild's statutes to incorporate the election through direct and secret ballot and a reconciliation process where there are no circles.

His departure, he said, "is not a step in the past to return to lifelong leadership; it's just one step to close the temptations for the ill power of the eternal ambition," he said.

In his farewell, he waited for the alliance between the state and the union to be renewed and for the latter to be allied by the changes of the next regime led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

"If the fourth transformation is to be successful, it will be with the Mexican teachers on their side, in a democratic and responsible manner, for the good of the Mexican people." He said

He said his license application was not from " external influence ", but rather it is the beginning of a trip to a stage of democratic unionism. "

" I say it without intention to insult or disqualify, I am convinced that in the new times, the great opportunity is to conquer true democracy without any treaty or dependence on frustration or moral leadership. "

During the 47th Additional Meeting of the N Council At the organization's headquarters held in the building of Venezuela 44 in the historic center, Díaz de la Torre announced his resignation to the Secretary-General and suggested launching a reconciliation process led by Alfonso Cepeda Salas, who served as Secretary General and now assumes an interim mandate.

This was the agreement reached by the ruling groups Elba Esther Gordillo Morales and Diaz de la Torre, an exit that sought Jalisco deposit without further breaking the union.

UNIVERSAL announced yesterday that the former SNTE president Elba Esther Gordillo Morales and Diaz de la Torre met privately to agree on the conditions for the second departure to allow reconciliation.

An interim consensus mandate was approved. national congress and this to the election of a new leadership, process through universal, direct and secret

The Reconciliation Process The proposed Diaz de la Torre will strive to demand a change of union laws so as to eliminate the number of the SNTE presidency, "a figure that almost always ended up under the national executive committee," he said.

He called for the establishment of a plural, representative and moral authority committee to review the procedure for incorporating direct and secret ballot as a means of internal elections.

He said he was convinced that the union would not repeat past experiences. "To procure strong charismatic or moral leaders that impede democratic life, which ends up taking the decisions of the trade unions themselves, as well as the modern management of their resources." [1

9659002] He suggested that the SNTE governing body assumes "urgent consolidation of the historic relationship with the state and federal government to make education a true national priority for reclaiming the right of apprenticeship, improvement of their working and living conditions." [19659002] Elba meets AMLO. While the trade union meeting was held in the middle of the city, the former president of Educational Workers (SNTE) met for private dining with the elected President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the next secretary of education, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, revealed nearby sources.

After leaving Díaz de la Torre, the councilors agreed that Alfonso Cepeda Salas assumed the functions of the SNTE president, Juan Díaz de la Torre, in addition to his Secretary General

. This provision was made by direct and secret ballot.

The analysis of the Diaz de la Torre proposal must be made in the National Committee for Monitoring, Transparency and Performance.

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