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Joy-Con for Switch inspired by GameCube control was launched

Since the release of Nintendo Switch, many relaxation saw Joy-Con as an opportunity to have controls with different shapes and characteristics. It is thanks to this that today we can talk about Joy-Con inspired by the controls for GameCube.

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These controls are a product created by SADES and, just as you imagine, present the same Button Schedule as GameCube. This means that your A is big and green, while B is red and small. On the other hand, Y and X have a grain shape and are above A. That's not all because they also replace the right lever with the classic C-Stick, in addition to the fact that the right stick is similar to the game cube. Another interesting detail is that it has a D-Pad so you can enjoy classic games in the best way.

Something we must realize is that the attention to detail was not as great as we expected, as there are some details about the control of GameCube that do not emulate. For example, the L and R buttons are gray instead of purple, while ZR and ZL are the same as all other Joy-Con.

Now it is important to note that unlike other Joy-Con's, these colleges operate wirelessly and can be used independently of one another. As if that wasn't enough, it also has an NFC reader.

If you are interested in Joy-con launching SADES, you should know that they are for sale on Amazon and are being offered in exchange for $ 59.99 USD.

Since you saw these controls, Tell, are you interested? What other retro console do you think should have similar controls? Tell us in the comments

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