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I was in love with Verónica Castro: Yolanda Andrade

"If you and I stole a bike, what are we? Well, because of bike racks," says Yolanda Andrade before the silence Verónica Castro who denies that she was married to the driver, while claiming otherwise and that it was then in love.

"Something came out of control. What was once beautiful became perhaps embarrassing for the other side, but for me it was important for me it was relevant, for me at that time I was in love and if it causes shame or discredit for the person or I do not know what is wrong with his heart or his mind, it is his life and part of my life at some point she was, has no wrong, we did nothing wrong ”said Yolanda.

After the media uprising caused by both dimes and diretes by both, the driver wants peace to return to his life . Accept that both were angry because of the circumstances in which the scandal took place. That is why the statements they made can lift in tone.

"What I want is peace and my truth, what I expressed, what I said, what she said and all this playful of nasty comments and insults, because it seems to me that we are already quite large, it seems to me that we are no longer there, that it is not right, that it is not correct as women … Again we put on ourselves, I caught myself, she lost herself. She spoke very contemptuously about me in Argentina, "he said.

The driver emphasized that" There is nothing wrong "with having sexual preference should not surprise anyone, which is why Veronica's comment hurt when she said" this lesbian ".

" It's over , I did not tell any lies, what is the impact … as for the two, it also refers to a respect for society because it is very derogatory to say "this lesbian". you point there and there are three fingers pointing you here and now, "he said.

" These kinds of things or preferences have absolutely nothing to do with anyone's career … The Veronica people want a lot of Veronica, and you all know it, has this magic angel that God gave her to be on TV, because as soon as you love it and everything, one thing is work and another thing is person, all actions have consequences When time goes on you have made good or bad fruitful. We didn't do anything wrong here, you don't have to cross anyone, "he added.

About Verónica Castro's retirement she said it's her life, but maybe he said it on impulse" because we're women, because it gives us emotions , Because we get angry and say things. Because of what she said in Argentina, I got angry here and it hurt because I said "hey and why", if you and I stole a bike, what are we then? Bike class, "he said.


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