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He is Pablo Ramírez, a police officer who won the lizard challenge in Zócalo

His passion for sports vibrates so much in his heart that he dared to accept the test. “Pablo! Pablo! They see that they challenge you,” cried his comrades. Around 10am on July 3, the gym owners protested against Zocalo, Mexico City, when one of them approached the traffic controllers and asked “who was the good guy” to endure a game of training.

At a distance, Segundo Pablo Ramírez Police, from the Civil Security Secretariat (SSC), He saw the situation and realized that one of the protesters charged an officer and hugged him, so he decided to approach to see what was happening, but at this moment one of the protesters challenged him to a round lizard in front of everyone and in the entire circuit for Constitution Plaza.

“I was working on the Zócalo plank and we covered two demonstrations that gave road attention, and in that I turned around and one of my colleagues was there with one of the protesters, but from a distance I see him wearing it and starting to squat with Han on upstairs and as I looked at what was happening and when I arrived, other colleagues yelled at me “Pablo! Pablo! They see that they challenge you “and I told them who or why.

“As I got closer they told me that they challenged me to do push ups and I accepted the challenge because I like sports and I said ‘Yes, who is the good guy?’ That’s when one of the “dudes” from the “well sucked” demonstration came out and said to me “I’m the good guy” and the truth is that when I saw him I said “Oh come on, we’re going to challenge ourselves “We sat down in a lizard position and started,” he says MILLENNIUM.

“Or your leg or your life?”

Eight years ago, Pablo lost his left leg, which was amputated after acquiring bacteria as a result of a car accident when he was 20 years old. It was his day off at the company when he was riding a motorcycle and was pressed between two cars.

He originated from that miscarriage and received an exposed femur fracture and was hospitalized for four months during which he underwent 28 surgeries. “The doctors said to me, ‘Do you know what Pablo? Or your leg or your life? And I had to make that decision and here we continue to give it. “

“Sure! At your own pace, you already look tired!”

Today, the other police are ready for another challenge: to compete in Tokyo OS 2021 It is also a Paralympic athlete in the Mexican rowing team. His passion for this sport was born in 2016 and he has even participated in a regatta in Italy where he achieved a silver and bronze medal.

He recalls that last Friday the booze at Plaza de la Constitución was so numerous that it motivated him not to give up the challenge even though “the lizards were already heavy”, but his friends shouted “Come on, you can!” It’s done! It is! At your own pace, you already look tired. ”

“I turned to see this guy and he already looked tired and with the batons they threw at me and when I least see the guy he had already gone out and because I had a little more energy and I gave him three more lizards. is well hooked in the challenge and what he wants is to endure more and I was just very encouraged by the batons that my teammates did for me and what happened must happen “.

When the test was over, the young man who had challenged him acknowledged Pablo’s triumph, but even more so, because he was a police officer who, despite his disability, showed that in Mexico City there are officers like him who are so capable of everything.

“He congratulated me for realizing that I had a disability in my leg. ‘Brother, I congratulate you; it is an honor to have done this challenge with you,'” he told me. We took a photo of ourselves and what started as a challenge ended in a healthy coexistence and he and all his people retired.This gave me a good experience as a civil servant (…) I said how good we won, but as I told my colleagues that I had not won: the police won. “

Among SSC’s ranks, Pablo Ramírez is an element to be admired by his colleagues and who feels very supported by them and his family, as they see him “as someone to admire and an example to follow.”


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