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Gustavo Dudamel and Natalia Lafourcade conquer Hollywood Bowl with Mexican music | culture

A son from Veracruz has played with intensity under the flag of the 50 stars. Gustavo Dudamel, who ruled the Philharmonic Orchestra in Los Angeles, played Sunday night next to Natalia Lafourcade tunes from Mexico in the Hollywood Bowl. The scene is common for the Venezuelan conductor, but the presentation has been the debut of the Mexican singer at a large stage in the United States. The public has welcomed them with enthusiasm and they have stood up to pay tribute to the performances of a program of Mexican soul, which included boleros, cumbias, zones, rock and pop.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic opened the night with Huapango by Juan Pablo Moncayo, a classic Mexican piece that clarified that the tone of the presentation would be focused on being a tribute to Latin American culture. "This is a special night, Natalia Lafourcade has become Mexico's voice. When we listen to it, we hear the name of a country and a continent, Latin America," said Dudamel, presenting the 35-year-old singer. They both blended into a hug to begin with a repertoire of traditional music from Mexico.

The strings, brass and percussion of the Los Angeles Philharmonic gave a twist to classics such as My Soul and La Llorona . Participants, mostly of Mexican and Latin American origin, sang with Lafourcade the melodies that appealed to their memories. In addition to those related to his identity, such as Recúerdame is the original soundtrack for the film Coco, by Disney, which addresses the death traditions of Mexico. Dudamel boasted of having succeeded in taking a piece of Mexican culture to the American amphitheater with 1

7,000 spectators selling the tickets to this unique presentation. The concert has been part of the celebration of the Venezuelan director's 10th anniversary at the angelina orchestra.

The Latin American artists – both Grammy winners – delighted the audience with the symphonic versions of the themes Laforcade composed for his album Musas and To the root . The musical arrangements were responsible for the musicians Paul Rubinstein and Mario Santos, who managed to get the Mexican songs to have a solemn tone alongside the classical orchestra, but without losing their folk essence. The singer has dedicated her song "A Nativity to" people who are fighting for one thing ". "We still have a lot to work on like humanity," he said to applause.

For Lafourcade, the success of his first night at the Hollywood Bowl boosts the tour he has already made in the US this summer. "It has been months of preparation to be here," she once said that Philharmonic and Dudamel left her alone on stage for the second part of the concert. The Mexican singer started his career in 2000 and was known for his pop style songs with sticky refrains. In the presentation on the bowl, Lafourcade retaken some of these songs as 2000 and House to inject a closer mix of the rock that left the sweet melodies from the beginning of his musical career.

In honor of Dudamel, Lafourcade owned Tonada de Luna llena to the Venezuelan people, without deepening in the political and social problems affecting the Latin American country. The end of the night, which the Mexican woman undertook alone, was with an acoustic version of Cucurrucucu where she showed the power of her voice and I no longer live to live by Juan Gabriel, performing a duet with Divo de Juarez before her death in 2016. The interpreter thanked Gustavo Dudamel for his invitation and work at the Los Angeles Philharmonic, while the audience gave up in applause for an impeccable performance. 19659007]
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