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Future deliveries of Pokémon may lack the national Pokédex

One of the major controversies for Pokémon Sword & Shield is that it will lack a national Pokédex. In other words: it will not present all creatures that have appeared during the series' history years. That said, it seems like it has to be something we have to get used to, since future deliveries can follow the same path.

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In a conversation with InsideGamer Junichi Masuda, manufacturer of Pokémon explained that Game Freak has no plans to add more Pokémon to Sword & Shield through an update or some type of content Download. He also made it clear that it is a strategy that they want to continue in future installments, indicating that for Game Freak the national Pokédex is a fairytale story.

"At present, we have no plans to make Pokémon missing in the Pokédex of Galar available in the game. It is a strategy we want to continue with future games from Pokémon . Until now, it had not been possible to find all Pokémon in every game, so players had to transfer from their old games to the new ones, for example with Pokémon Bank, he said.

Now, with this Masuda no That means you have to say goodbye to forever Pokémon that you won't see in Sword & Shield . In fact, his words suggest that each payout could present a different selection of Pokémon. This is because it invited players to take care of all their Pokémon and prepare to take them to future deliveries via the Pokémon Home service.

"The Pokémon Home application is currently under development and in it players can collect more Pokémon and only Pokémon in Galar's Pokédex can be transferred from there to Sword & Shield . But the way to play is really no different than it used to be with Pokémon Bank: so far you have only been able to find Pokémon from a certain region, ”the advertisement says. “We invite people to use Pokémon Home to collect Pokémon from old games. Then from there they could take them to other games in the future. So take care of your old Pokémon, because they might be able to travel with them in the future. "

It should be mentioned that this is not the first time Masuda has unveiled this plan. In June, he actually mentioned that Game Freak's plan was to have a different selection of creatures in each payout. However, because the decision was badly received by the fans, many believed that the plan could change.

We took advantage of the fact that we talked about Pokémon Sword & Shield to tell you, even though one sector has criticized and attacked Game Freak, another decided to show their support for the company. On the other hand, we believe that you will be interested to know that this part will contain new breeding elements.

Pokémon Sword & Shield will be released on November 1

5 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can find out more about this edition by clicking here.


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