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Ford Focus RS 2020 now ten rival and velocidad: GOL digital

El nuevo Ford Focus RS well with a velocidad endiablade

Common to the generation of Ford Focus RS or specialist Mountune acaba de presentar new models of modifications for model actual, capacities of engine power 2.3 liters Ecoboost hasta los 520 CV decir, 170 CV may be in series.

Estas dos preparaciones, denominadas m450 y m520 recur and turbochargers BorgWarner (uno different and cada caso), entre otras cosas, para catapultar sustancialmente cifras de potencia y par del cuatro cylindros [19659004

The primer or m450 sustains the turbocharged series for a BorgWarner EFR-6758, which permits to leave the power almost 450 CV and to the engine maximum speed 580 Nm , now you are incrementing the 1

00 CV y 140 Nm with respect to the model of the 350 (350 CV and 440 Nm)

Electricity level o m520 lleva or Ford Focus RS and otro level. It is a turbocharger BorgWarner EFR-7163 and its también una bomba de gasolina mejorada, most también and los booles de levas y el system de distributio cambios en la gestion electronics, con la que consigue alcanzar 520 CV de potencia y un par motor de 700 Nm . Esta etapa cuesta unos 6,530 euros

An engine has a history of hacer and el Ford Focus RS

El Ford Focus RS no coche lento. It, the high, the compact compact deportivos may be rapturous and radical of the last few years. And with the presentation of the comprobar it is a very special, cuyo engine 2.3 EcoBoost presumes a huge potential final. With the 350 CV, the manual and traction of the totally intelligent, the Focus RS of the generation is a worthy athlete. Y is embargo, and it is a matter of potential success and achievement of insufficiency. Mounted to a solution for inconsistency, with packages m450 and m520.

La joya de la corona Ford Focus RS Mountune 693 CV the engine procedures of a 2.3 liters Ecoboost engine Focus RS has been added to the 350 CV, as per the corresponding modifications to the Mountune part.

Ford Focus RS

Launches the deportivos coaches and at a moment's and downsizing and regulation emissions issues are a result of manufacturers and compulsory and disputes. This is a bad entry for the power pack.

For the first time, with a turbocharged BorgWarner EFR 8374 and utilize an electric combustible E30 engine, which can hold up to 30% . Seguro que ahora compres mucho more los 693 CV y ​​767 Nm.

See the engine of cylindrical and in directional direct power to the fecha and real todavía now that they have incorporated it already.

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