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Fondo Metropolitano authorizes the launch of Nuevo León for 2019 ownership

Monterrey, NL. The Committee of the Fondo Metropolitano authorizes and Nuevo León loses its primer on the infrastructure and finance of federal funds through the fiscal system, at the rate of 81 million euros, in addition to the secretary Finance and Treasurer General of the State, Carlos Garza Ibarra.

Los proyectos authorizado de construcción de tres corredores peatonales en el municipality of de Monterrey, ubicados en la calle 15 de mayo, by monto de 31.3 millones; and Calle Doctor Coss, for 29.4 millones and for Abasolo, for 20.3 millones; for a total of 81 millions of pesos.

As of 2019, Nuevo León has registered 1

9 projects, which can be seen in competition with our present members of the federal recourse of the Fondo Metropolitano.

“Este año New León subscribes to a total of 19 projects, totaling 2,357 millions of pesos, to the gobierno of the state that is in the process of applying for the right to return to federal funds, "Garza Ibarra commented.

Explicó que Continuing with the management of the Secretariat of the Hacienda y Crédito Public for obituary recourse to the mayor number posible de proyectos, as indicated by Carlos Garza Ibarra.

An anterior to the new lease of ownership este fund, which is 29% of the total national toll.

Cabe mencionar que un los linientientos de operation of the Fondo Metropolitano for the fiscal year 2019, publicado on February 26, the indica is destined to be located in metropolitan areas defined by the Group's interinstitutional conformity with the Secretariat of Desarrollo Agrario, Territorial and Urbano, the National Institute of Estates and Geography, and the National Council of the Publications [1965900] The resources of the Fondo Metropolitano are the destinations and programs and programs of infrastructure that demonstrate viable and sustainable, orientated and promotional plans of the regional, urban, transport, public and motor, and motor, and territorial areas [196]. As well as Anexo 20 of the Egresos Presidency of the Federal Fiscal 2019 Correspondent to Ramo General 23 Commissions of Salaries and Economics, and the Desarrollo Regional Council, it seeks an allocation of 3,300 million to the 1962 metropolitan area2. ] kg

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