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Evo Morales condemns the burning of his sister's house in Bolivia

Bolivian President, Evo Morales condemned on Saturday that his sister's house in the Oruro region (south) was burned down by "irregular groups" under a plan to overthrow him. [19659002] "We condemn and condemn before the international community (..) that the fascist coup plan implements violent acts with irregular groups that set fire to the governors of Chuquisaca and Oruro and my sister in that city." wrote the president on his Twitter account.

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Images circulating in the networks show the residence of Esther Morales the older sister of the president, who partially burned after that a mob had set fire to him.

The house of Víctor Hugo Vásquez governor of Oruro (south of the country), was also attacked by alleged opponents who set it on fire.

And in Sucre, the capital of Bolivia, the house of the governor of the Chuquisaca department, Esteban Urquizo was also partially demolished.

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The country is the scene of mass protest stop and violent episodes, which have left three dead since the election on October 20, in those who Morales received the re-election for a fourth term of five years, and that the opposition has condemned itself as fraud.

The opposition, bolstered by a police mutiny, has demanded resignation for several days. from the president.


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