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Evo Morales announces new elections in Bolivia

La Paz.- President of Bolivia, Evo Morales on Sunday announced the call for new general elections following the report of Organization of American States ( OAS ) which recommends the repetition of the first round of elections held on October 20, which won the victory after a controversial election day. [19659006] In a brief appearance in which he did not quote this report, he assured that the new nomination with the election meetings will be held with a renewed electoral body, before the fraud allegations in the first round of the accused to the present .

"I have decided to call for new elections," said the president of the president's hangar at El Alto International Airport, the neighboring city of La Paz.

The president appeared to be accompanied by representatives of social movements related to his government and said that he had consulted them before the decision was taken.

The Head of State indicated that he agreed to rescind all members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal as the opposition and civic committees accuse of election fraud in the victory that granted Morales a fourth term in a row until 2025.

In this regard, he indicated that the Bolivian Parliament the competent body to renew the suffrage will soon begin the process of appointing new members.

Evo Morales stated without specifying the date that the next election process will be conducted by "new political actors".

The President emphasized that he adopted this decision on new elections for "lowering all tension" and "calm Bolivia."

Collisions between the president's supporters and abusers began after the election because of suspicions of manipulating the vote of votes, which have cost at least three dead and 384 injured, according to information from the Ombudsman in Bolivia.

This Sunday, the OAS announced that the electoral process in Bolivia must begin the first round as soon as new conditions provide new guarantees for its celebration, including a new composition of the electoral body. "

" The first round of elections held on October 20 The past must be rescinded and the election process must begin again, "calls for a statement from the OAS.

The organization reports on the circumstances in which the said electoral process that caused a wave of violence in the country occurred.

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