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Esteban Gutiérrez’s future at Mercedes may be in jeopardy due to lack of super license

The head of the Mercedes team mentioned that Gutiérrez is a strong pilot, but due to this situation he could not sit in one place.

Head of the Mercedes team, Toto Wolff, mentioned that the team could reconsider the role that the Mexican played Esteban Gutierrez, who was named reserve pilot this season, but does not have a super license.

The Brackley team honcho stated it Gutierrez He is a strong driver, but due to this situation he would not be able to sit in one place until he passed the FIA ​​driving test of 300 kilometers.

Esteban was the main candidate to sit last weekend in the place of his countryman, Sergio Perez, Racing Point driver, and who tested positive for Covid-19 before the Silverstone Grand Prix.

“I think so Esteban would have been a really strong candidate for the post [Racing Point] but unfortunately he did not qualify. “There is a new rule this year that says that if you have not competed in a Formula 1 car, during an official event, in the last three years, you must have done a test of at least 300 km”, he explained about the Monterrey- born, who competed online during the 2016 season.

Mercedes has Gutierrez and the pilot to Formula E, Stoffel Vandoorne, as their official reserve drivers, while as part of an agreement between Racing Point and McLaren they can also request their services.

Against this situation, Wolff mentioned that the team must seek a solution, because Esteban This is an important part in recent years, first as a development pilot and later as a reserve.

“We must now analyze what it means to us, it is a pity, to give another opportunity Esteban He is always nice and he has been an important part of the team and he is a strong pillar of the team. “

“Of course I do not expect it to be necessary for us to need a reserve driver, but it seems that we have to find another solution,” he said ahead of the 70th anniversary race in Formula One.

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