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Dollar today June 24: up 10 cents and close at $ 19.50

CDMX. The dollar ended the day at 19.50 pesos on sales and 18.65 pesos on purchases, 10 cents more than its closing on Friday due to geopolitical tensions due to the increase in friction between the US and Iran.

wholesaler, US currency received 4.60 cents, which would be sold at 19.1885 pesos.

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The stock exchange marks an environment of risk aversion due to increased geopolitical risk between Washington and Tehran, according to analysts from Banorte-Ixe.

President Donald Trump He said today that he is willing to impose more sanctions on Iran and that the military option remains on the table. He also confirmed that his country is applying new sanctions against Tehran, pointing to the highest Iranian leader Ayatolá Ali Khamenei.

Lee also needs Mexico to have a tariff list

In addition, investors were aware of some figures in the US and the national manufacturing industry.

In June, manufacturing operations in the Dallas region fell to minus 1

2.1, a further decline to 2 points expected by consensus.

At local level For In the first half of June, Inegi informed that the country's consumer price index rose 0.01 percent compared to the next fourteen weeks, which was translated into an annual inflation of 4 percent, a figure lower than 4.28 percent Last May

. But not everything is positive, as core inflation remains high with an annual rate of 3.87 percent, with an increase of two weeks in the underlying sub-index of 0.16 percent, a Banco Base report said.

In this context, the S&P index on the Mexican stock exchange began this week with a profit of 0.50 percent. In the US, the markets showed losses.

Nasdaq fell 0.32 percent, Standard & Poor's, 0.17 percent, and Dow Jones, 0.03 percent.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the index of the 50 key euro area securities, Euro Stoxx, fell 0.33 percent.

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