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Coronavirus. The first transparent, non-dimming face mask launched

Mexico City /

For the first time since coronavirus pandemicA transparent nozzle was approved as self-cleaning thanks to UV-C light, in addition to having the N99 standard, the highest level of protection.

he mouthguard, which was already registered by the LEAF company with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) i US, it is made with silicone used in medical materials and stands out because its filters can last for a month. The design allows these filters to be placed around the chin and thanks to this the nose and mouth can be visible.

In addition, it has several innovations, as it does not, for example, pick with breathing and in theory allows mobile phones that are activated with Face ID.

Similarly, it has a mobile application that detects air quality. In addition, it has four different sizes to suit children and adults.

Prices vary depending on model (so far there are three types available) and depending on the number of filters you want to buy, although the base model without filters costs approx. $ 49 (thousand 96 pesos) and then the costs increase.

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