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Coronavirus 5 August. Mexico reaches 456,000 falls due to Covid

At the end of August 5, Mexico collected 49,000 698 deaths from Covid-19, with 456,000 100 cases of confirmed coronavirus infections, according to government officials. health Secretary.

José Luis Alomy, Director General of Epidemiology, detailed in a press conference from the National Palace that there are 85 thousand 845 suspected cases, although with 499 thousand 915 negative cases gathered in the country.

Protein, responsible for the severity of Covid?

The University of Kent School of Biosciences (UK) and the Goethe University Institute for Medical Virology, Frankfurt am Main (Germany) have identified that a glycoprotein known as transferrin can be an important contributor to serious forms of Covid-1


It is currently unknown why some people just evolve mild symptoms or none when infected, while others experience severe forms of the disease. However, it is known that the risk of Covid-19 becoming serious increases with age and is higher in men than women. Many serious cases are characterized by increased blood coagulation and the formation of thrombosis.

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* See here the full broadcast of the conference on coronavirus cases in Mexico from the National Palace:

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