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Clip Plus, what is it and how much does it cost?

Clip solution for micro, small and medium sized businesses to accept credit, debit, and coupon coupons from a smartphone or tablet, featured: Clip Plus, featuring new features that will benefit millions of stores in Mexico. [19659002] Clip Plus makes card payment easier. It integrates Bluetooth technology and physical keyboard, enabling security PIN entry, as an additional feature for basic protection features, such as magnetic tape and chip reader. This new device is very easy to use, it is instantly synchronized with a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). In addition, Clip Plus includes a long-life battery that allows up to 300 full-load transactions and retains the same transaction fee as previous versions (3.6% plus VAT).

As part of the development of the Mexican start-up and his commitment to promote the democratization of payments in Mexico, Clip Plus joins the portfolio of solutions to support economic growth for SMEs. This new reader also enhances the development of the Fintech sector in our country with the continued development of financial products based on technical innovation and goes one step further by including the "Contactless" technology, which will be in use at the end of year.

Clip Plus allows resellers to send their money in one business day (24 hours). This competitive advantage gives Clip Plus the best solution with the shortest possible time in the market.

In Mexico today there are over 11 million micro enterprises, small and medium-sized companies, of which only 800 thousand accept payments by card; ahead of this panorama and given that companies accepting cards have between 20% and 30% more sales, as well as the important penetration of mobile devices, the development of a readership with the high technology solution to help companies to be more Competitive

In addition, this development strengthens the strategic alliance with Samsung Pay and Visa for promoting card usage and secure purchasing, the creation of new payment channels for reduced cash use, as well as the shared commitment to technology development to support the population's bank.

Clip supports its commitment to increasing the number of people with financial services in the country and consolidating the economic dynamics of SMEs in Mexico, also through corporate culture and good customer service. 19659002] Clip Plus will cost $ 749.00 and is available at: Liverpool, Sams, Office Depot, Radio Shack, Mixup, Lumen, Best Buy, Sears, Sanborns and Coppel

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