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Cipriano Charrez, an outrageous deputy, charged with murder case

Pachuca.- Parts of the investigative police in Attorney General's Office of Hidalgo in conjunction with Mexico City police arrested the federal deputy without control Cipriano Charrez Pedraza involved in a traffic accident there a young man lost his life and for which a legal process is maintained.

The legislator in Morena in October last year was involved in a carom that left a young man dead when he exploded with the vehicle he was driving Charrez Pedraza was shown in a video when it is seen that he is leaving the accident site .

Following a lawless process, the legislature has opened a process for manslaughter and failure to facilitate so last Tuesday it would begin the hearing in the court no acu He gave the charge of that he had a picture of salmonellos.

The hearing had been postponed for yesterday, but it was not presented, so this afternoon elements were investigated in collaboration with police elements in Mexico City. [1

9659002] The uncontrolled Ixmiquilpan Hidalgo deputy was arrested on the street in Atenas on the corner of Bucareli a few meters from the Ministry of the Interior despite having received an amparo.

During the arrest, however, Cipriano Charrez presented an appeal on amparo, however, being informed that the crime for which he was arrested has an informal prison, so after reading his rights he was transferred before the corresponding.

It was known that Morenist politicians would gain access to the prison. by Tula.


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