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Chivas: Paco Villa throws poisoned arrow at “Chofis” López

Offensive Medium Javier Eduardo López has been in the eye of the hurricane in the face of negative comments about its performance in MX League with Striped chives from Guadalajara; the reason he was not silent and responded to his deterrents.

commentator Paco Villa, of the chain of YOU, made an appearance with messages against the element of the holy flock and which has made it viral through social networks.

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“They were right. La Chofis, 25 years old, has no peace. His reflections end him. Please, do him a favor and send him to the imaginary San Pancho, to the plains again, so that he knows what it is to share the soul. for only have the privilege of playing. “

“Chofis, send him to another team. In Chivas, one game per tournament is enough to dazzle and ready to collect. A player like that, with that mentality, who pays half his salary to play for another team, is cheap. “You save half. And let’s see if you learn that,” he wrote.

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