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The United States has accused European countries of failing to act to prevent the sale of weapons to Iran

UN Security Council (Stock Photo- EFE) The Head of American Diplomacy, Mike Pompeo said on Sunday that his European allies “have not lifted a finger” to prevent the arms trade with Iran., after refusing to support Washington’s reintroduction of UN sanctions against Tehran. “Many things would have happened if the UN Security Council resolutions had not been re-enacted last night,” …

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More than 954,000 deaths and 30.6 million cases of Covid-19: WHO

The death in Covid-19 pandemic rose today to 954 thousand 417, after registering more than 5 thousand 300 in the last day, and case in all world exceeded 30.6 million, according to data updated daily from World Health Organization (WHO). Over the past 24 hours, over 300,000 daily cases have been surpassed, with more than 312,000 positive reports, a figure …

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Peru will receive more than 13 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine

Campaign against influenza vaccination in Peru, in the context of the health crisis caused by COVID-19 (Europa Press) Peru, one of the countries hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in the world, will have access more than 13 million doses of future vaccines against the virus through the Covax Facility Mechanism, the Peruvian government confirmed on Saturday. The Foreign Ministry …

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Are they really as good as they sell them to us?

These two roots are two of the most typical foods in what is called ‘natural medicine‘. Different civilizations have ascribed to them a variety of medicinal properties and today they are incredibly fashionable. They are part of ‘detox juice‘and supplements, recommended by celebrities and researchers. But none of this proves its effects. That is why we at Alimente have decided …

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Brazil reached 4.5 million cases and 136,000 deaths from COVID-19

Visitors enjoy Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro on September 16 (EFE / Antonio Lacerda / Archive) Brazil surpassed 4.5 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, a disease that is already leaving more than 136,000 deaths in the country, the government reported to Jair Bolsonaro. With 33,057 infections and 739 deaths registered in the last 24 hours, the South …

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Who is “Uncle Reiwa”, the black monk who wants to transform Japan’s recession

Yoshihide Suga immediately after being appointed Japan’s new prime minister to replace Shinzo Abe. Carl Court / REUTERS The Japanese economy is suffering a historic nose dive. Coronavirus could get out of control and force a second launch of the OS planned for next year. Chinese military aggression is increasing in the region, just as the United States, Japan’s closest …

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