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Bolivia's encuentra bajo máxima tensión


Bolivia amaneció este sábado bajo tensión máxima, with a convocation of partisan governesses and ancillary to the call of the defender reelecion of President Evo Morales, which extends to its policies in 2003 and is more than three years. ] The rebellion of comrades and the Fourth and Third Parties (UTOP) of the Cochabamba and the Central Cochabamba Central and Expanding Institutions of the Sucre (sur, Bolivia) and Santa Cruz, rica region of orienteering of país and bastion opositor.

Per durante la noche del fournes rebelión de los agentes expanding to their regions (son new), salvo La Paz and Pando (north, and the front of Brazil and Perú), with local media.

Its embargo, the La Paz UTOP agent, is mantis to the rest of the Plaza Murillo's access to the gobierno, its retiraron and suartel both in the maana and in the apoyo and in engines, observing an AFP reporter. Electoral segregation is not a permanent custodian of governmental and subdivisions of the United States.

The motorist policies of the central government are established and call for exemption from the reunification of the Morales by a re-election of a mandate and a cessation of 20 October.

The mandate of indistinguishable respondent denotes a wave of the "en marcha".

"New democracy is a giant of the wave of the estado which he is able to violently and violently violate in order of constitutional order" en la noche.

El Gobierno (Interior) Minister, Carlos Romero, the Madrugada del Sábado que está and marcha una "Movement of the Car Politics (Que) Tracing the Order of Constituent (Y) Pretending Vulnerable in the Institutional". [1

9659003] For part, the Bolivian cancellation public is communicated to the lesser positions "impulse and plan of the Gulf of Estado".

El gobierno descar To enlist a troop of soldiers and some rebels, the defense ministry, Javier Zavaleta, ministers of opposition salvo and the insurgents of the armies and the armadas of the army.

"Defensa del voto"

El Gobernante Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) convocates a "toda la militancia, socialisation and simpatizantes" of the new departments and "hacerse presentes and La Paz" este sobado para " Defender "El" of the campo and la ciudad and favor of Binomio Ganador "of the comicos: Morales and El Vice President Álvaro García Linera.

Hasta ahora, called La Paz, he is the principal director of public protesters, women's confederates Foursome and no one is at odds with the policies that are still anterior to the Habiman reprimido.

And the central avenue of Prado, the principal of La Paz, decides the policy of marchon in a column of manifestations of opposition against Morales, observo la AFP.

"No conditions and conditions to be considered for the purpose of the motion of a motion, a replica (o) an acuartelamiento", by the Ministry of Romero.

Llamados and militaries

Los President Jaime Paz Zamora (1989-1993) and Jorge 'Tuto' Quiroga (2001-2002) pidieron and las Fuerzas Armadas are now reprimanded in los opositores.

"Llamo and read FFAA and no reprimand for a tyrant who saw it, "Quiroga said. "Las FFAA no longer sells and suits pueblo", post Paz Zamora.

The rebel policy is centered on the regional Luis Fernando Camacho, which is visible and radically visible and radically de la busição and many of the cartels of Renuncia and Morales, which are Esperanto companies.

Camacho, a 40-year-old member of the Civic Pro Santa Cruz Committee, graduates and agents and pedigrees, and a "military family", with no compromise el pueblo boliviano. "

And La Paz decides the manifestos of the Colegio Militar as a pedigree in his uniforms that he is in a cruzada to the consul of the renales of the Morales, communities and algunos barrios of the gentlemen celebrating their political como la selección boliviana de fútbol.

The protest against the reelecion of the Morales, he was sentenced to 250 yrs, and he restringed the circulation and comercio.

El Presidente de 60 años, and el p or Dec 2006, have descended renunciar.

Morales afirma que los comicios fueron limpios y haecho oídos sordos en los advertisos que un acusan de buscar tiempo al acceptar un auditoría de Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA) a las elcciones.

The president and candidate of the opposition Carlos Mesa are represented by four congresses designing a new or electoral convoy and a new comic, informing the consultative panel of Ethical Hacking about the proposition of the organ electoral bolivio, or describing it 20 October como "viciado de nulidad".

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