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Ariel 2019 lives and directly: minute by minute

Paz Alicia Garciadiego

Screenwriter was recognized by Ariel de Oro for her great career in the film industry.

"I appreciate this difference from the academy, who honors and moves me, but today I thank more, I want to devote this award, not to the people who work with me, who know it, I want to devote it to my guild to scriptwriters , a group dismissed, "Garciadiego said at the reception of his prize.

"The authors are obviously excluded the workforce and reject it, even if we take the story out of nothing we develop it, we give it the structure (…) and it is still nice, cheering, the moment when the script disappears on the screen: the script has died, long live the movie! ", he added.

"It's the first time they give my guild a Golden Ariel, it goes to that guild, so unfairly transformed and so incredibly important," he concluded.

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