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Anastasiya Kvitko's pants can't with all that! and it will break

She no longer needs to be presented. Recently, the model Anastasiya Kvitko was known as already stumped in her photographic sessions but it has not been until the use of Instagram when it has been most known by Russian.

She is nicknamed Kim Russian Kardashian, something she has already stated on several occasions that she doesn't like anything, prefers not to be compared to someone she wants to be unique, and that's really what it is. But it is inevitable that he reminds us of the older Kardashian since their careers are quite parallel of course the beginning has been practically the same, perhaps if it is true that Kim did not teach so much regularly, but he was a pioneer of the nude in there is nothing on the social network.

The young woman from the steppe is investing very hard and this Halloween has wanted to surprise more than anyone else, and what a competition everyone had in the world, but come on, she has taken it from the street as usual already in these covers. For the moment, she dressed like an angel, but we often go angel . He only wore a transparent white body and yes some wings. In addition to more heart attack by his followers, he put several pictures and asked which ones they liked best, answering much more than difficult. In one that shines in all its splendor its enormous and striking rear guard and in the other its brilliant curves, so the choice was very complicated to tell the truth.

The publications of the model in a few hours usually add more than 120 I like you and this of course can not be an exception and actually even exceeded brands that had not seen before. This girl is a revolution. But in addition to looking good, he also handles business, not to say that the girl has no more than enough intelligence, and this is another reason why the comparison with Kim is more than obvious.

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