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Analysis and perception of the Moto G6 Play, is the smartphone set for you?

Learn about the strengths of the G6 line's most economical equipment, as well as some details that can be improved. This way you will know if it is the perfect smartphone for you.

At first glance, it appears that the sixth generation of the G-line Moto has changed looking for good, as it sees an improved design and is much more in trend. This year, they have launched three variants to suit all budgets and uses.

After two weeks of use, we share our experience with the expected Motorola G6 line, which in this case is about G6 Play.

The best :

-Front and stylized design.

-Large screen size

-Battery top for an intermediate class.

Can improve :

– The main camera offers great pictures, but they do not go beyond the basics.

-The performance is sufficient for the most common applications. It's not for rough use or too much demanding apps.

-The cost is a little high considering technical specifications.


It is obvious that the appearance is one of its most important aspects to attract the attention and the heart of the buyers. And to say the truth, the Moto G6 Play is pretty good. The Indigo Blue Model we try is very striking and avant-garde.

From its front it is clear that Motorola finally, as we predicted in the past two years, decided to provide thinner frames to its teams. And that was a good thing as he did, since last year many center rankings included a big screen with reduced facades.

The selfie and flash flash camera is on the side of the only speaker on the on-screen display.

The Moto G6 has a 5.7-inch screen that occupies approximately 75% of the main surface. As a comparison, the Moto G5S was launched last year, had a 5.2-inch screen and it occupied only 67.65% of the team's front.

It's obvious that the design enhancements are huge and will benefit the G6 Play features, as it means more screen in a more compact device.

Below the screen you will find the Motorola name. In particular, I do not see so much that the logo holds space that can be used to include an even bigger screen.

In the lower part was the name fabricandte, somewhat relatively smartphone, but why not take advantage of this space to place a larger screen?

The background emphasizes by having a smooth surface similar to glass and metal in the Moto X4, G6 and G6 plus. To a certain extent, it is good that Motorola with plastic protection has successfully emulsified the aesthetics of the glass with more expensive equipment.

On the backside there is also the fingerprint sensor, which is the circle with Motorola M "M" which is below the camera area, which is the disc design that Motorola has won us several years ago.

It is worth noting that the audio connector and microphone are located on the top edge, audio buttons and right side, micro SIM card slot and micro SD memory to the left. Main microphone and standard microUSB input in the bottom frame.

In a nutshell:

The team stands out to have a very attractive look that fits the taste of most people's users, all without losing the traditional aesthetics on the Moto G line (Bra for Motorola).

The enhancements in the design stand out and are appreciated, even if they come a bit late for Motorola. Without a doubt, the new Moto G6 line presents the best design of the brand in intermittent equipment several years ago.

Screen and sound

As in the latest Motorola releases, the sound is responsible for a single speaker at the top of the screen. This means that the sound is not stereo. And to say the truth, the sound of it is not something special because it sounds good, but its power is barely and what can be expected of a team in this price range.

With respect to the screen, it has a good size (5.7 inches) but it does not have very good sharpness because it only has 282 pixels per inch and a resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels. What hardly does it place and at least one screen worthy of the middle class.

With that ability, you can correctly watch the video at 720p while HD video games are viewed correctly, but nothing more.


In a few words:

The Moto G6 Play is not designed to optimally display multimedia content. While not disappointed, do not expect the best HD content display or sound with good sound effects.

Performance: A lot of drums, but in the rest: Justito

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