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AMLO warns that it will not allow business with Mexicans health

Acanceh, Mérida.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador warned that his government should not be allowed to market or do business with Mexicans health .

At the end of his 57th trip to the IMSS Rural Hospital in Acanceh, the President recalled that the government in Enrique Peña Nieto left more than 300 health centers, hospitals or medical units unfinished throughout the country.

He added that there are companies in Yucatan that want to profit from this situation.

"What they did in Ticul to leave the hospital. Tell businessmen who demand that it is better that we are ready for abuse, they want to collect 1

50 million pesos just for alleged violation of the Yucatan government.

"We have to reach an agreement because, just as this Ticul hospital is, the same company has two more hospitals, because they were also very spoiled companies by the previous governments and it's over," he said.

Along with members of his health cabinet, emphasized that the information provided in hospitals is to prevent teenage pregnancies, promote peace, avoid abuse and encourage them to get better eating habits to "not drink water",

Director of Acanceh Rural Hospital, Mónica Portilla stated that it is a priority to have surgical equipment, remodeling of the x-ray area, replacement of washing machines and refrigerators, updating of computer equipment and construction of the perimeter fence and covering the pediatric square


The president confirmed the president or that gas supply will be guaranteed in the southeast country .

He explained that 46% of electricity is purchased from foreign companies and Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) produces 54%.

"We still have the dams to generate electricity, I use this to tell the entire population of Yucatan, on the peninsula that includes Campeche and which includes Quintana Roo that we have already solved the gas pipeline problem, and you already have the contract for purchase of gas from Texas to Mexico, "he said.

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