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AMLO criticizes Internet merchants

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador criticized Internet concessionaires for getting angry after criticizing that they were able to communicate with the network across the country and they did not.

"Those who have had the concessions to introduce the internet when I say it should communicate to the country with the Internet, but if they had the opportunity and they didn't, why will they get angry?"

On tour of this city for to check the progress of the ejidos and rancheria's Sembrando Vida program, the manager said his government will communicate the whole country with the internet.

"There is no Internet, no mobile telephony, all this is recorded and they will know it in Unfortunately, this is a sign of the backwardness that exists in our country, and now the government will communicate all over Mexico with the Internet."

In Ejido el Diamante He said there is a way to communicate the country with the Internet through all lines of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

Just as these lines were made to electrify the people, the same lines will pass in the same lines. Cable and will reach home for telephony and the Internet in all Mexican cities, he explained.

He claimed that since 1

994 there was a law that has now been eliminated, as protected corruption

It had been more than 20 years and now the law has been removed. Now the robber goes to jail without the bail. The corruption in Mexico will end, because it is not that there is no budget, it is not that there is no money in Mexico. The problem is that everything was stolen, he said.

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