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Alerta and the Congo: Breaking the catastrophe caused by morning mornings | TRIBUNA

Nairobi, Kenya .- Este lunes 19 de agosto, la organización Médicos Sin Fronteras announces the deployment of a sarampión to 23 of the 26 provinces of the Republic Democratics of the Congo (RDC) .

Fabrizio Andriolo coordinator of the Emergencies of MSF and la RDC declaration of the month of June he enrolled in the epidemic and years, debating a maximum of 145 miles on the register and last year he went on the 2 mil 758 mortgages, and su mayoría niños.

Los 2.5 Million Dollars Recalls Los 8.9 no need for a plan of sanity without respects. Contrary to the epidemic of Ebola and to the pistil, which attracts a multitude of organizations and millions of people who are alarmed, "Andriolo Mencionó

Segun datos de la Organizational mundial de la Salud (OMS) the epidemic actual of the Ebola encuentra and the northernmost of País, and the province of Kivu del Norte and Ituri y of 2 mil 877 casos registrados, he fallecido mil 934.

Dos meses después the declaration of official and postal semantics of the public and the escalator, the epidemic of the sarampión, with no sign of desaceleration. The following, however, have emperorado and a new case of cases and varieties of provinces ", declaration and communication of the mission the MSF and RDC, Karel Janssens .

Afortunadamente las unidades móviles he side of the much ayuda, los equipos sanitarios de terreno de MSF he sidapaces de llegar a lugares remotos, además de conseguir mantener las temp eraturas necesarias para la vacancy the las cuales son casi 475 mil niños de entre 6 meses and 5 años que he podido acceder a ellas.

Existing multiples of factors about the epidemic, per la manica de combatirla es la vacunación. They are not seeking employment, habitation, ”Andriolo expresses. :


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