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Alan Pulido busts Oribe and Antuna after the National Classic

Three days later, the pleasant chat between Oribe Peralta and Uriel Antuna with various players from America – at the end of the Classic of Classics – still generates comments. The latest comes from a former player from Guadalajara, who now plays in Major League Soccer.

Alan Pulido, Sporting Kansas City striker and former Chivas scorer, believes that what was done by Cepillo and Brujo was not the right thing to do, especially because of the pain it caused for Rojiblanca fans to fall before the strong rival.

“You will always have time to visit them, but not at the end of the match,” Puligol ruled in a video conference.

Although they were not trained in the basic powers of Saint Rebaño (he did so in the Tigres), Tamaulipa achieved complete identification with the rojiblancos, so he fully understands what the fans will see with good eyes.

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Pulido admits that he has also talked and even exchanged shirts with several opponents, but he denies that this happens a few seconds after the final whistle and in an area where there are many TV cameras. Make sure you know how to respect the protocol that all fans need.

“There are times for all these types of events, but that’s what changing rooms are for; even after the anger of not winning a game as these pass, he says. “Everyone makes their own decisions and each head is a world. I do, but in the locker room already when the game is over, because you are taking a shower and because you are relaxed ”.

Therefore, he does not agree with what was done by Peralta and Antuna.

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