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AirDrop stars in a curious episode on SpaceX’s return flight from International Space Station

During the return flight from the International Space Station, the SpaceX crew had a small setback with an app that they were fortunately able to solve thanks to AirDrop. A curiosity about technology and its idiosyncrasies.

AirDrop aboard a rocket, today’s curiosity

The crew of the Dragon ship, as if it were a Tesla car, enjoy a cabin with large touch screens where they can see information and control the ship. In a complementary way Instructions for use and other resources are stored on an iPad mini per crew member so that they can be conveniently consulted.

Thanks to special gloves that are compatible with touch screens, astronauts have access to the necessary documentation without having to carry a single sheet of paper, but And when the necessary app throws a bug? This is the situation that astronauts Behnken and Doug experience together with the engineer Anne Menon when they returned to Earth. Apparently, the SpaceX app they use to see the mission timeline gave an error message.

  • Behnken: A timeline application on my iPad gives me an error message saying that Safari cannot open the page and then it has an HTML address because your iPad is not connected to the Internet.
  • Menon: Can you confirm that Wi-Fi is turned off and flight mode is on?
  • Behnken: Yes, eh, Wi-Fi is off and flight mode is on. If you have the cameras on, I̵
    7;ll try to show it.
  • Menon: Let us do it. We enter with a pass from the ground station and we have the camera in motion. And Dragon SpaceX, can you bring it a little closer?
  • Menon: Dragon SpaceX, we have a good picture. Thank you, we investigated and contacted you. And just to be clear, this is happening on your iPad, not Dougs.
  • Behnken: Yes, it’s happening on my iPad. It used to have a good timeline, but when we started configuring and loading the changes you just read, it went to that page instead of the timeline it had before.

Fortunately, the application error was minor and seems to have been caused by an error in the app cache when saving some data. SpaceX asked Dough to take screenshots of his timeline if his app also crashed. Then the two astronauts activated Wi-Fi on their iPads and used AirDrop to pass the prisoners.

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It will probably be the most curious use of AirDrop of all we remember for quite some time. Just as this technology facilitates our daily day on this planet, it can also facilitate for us outside it.

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