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Aggressive foods for the gut

Eating is one of the things we all like, unfortunately, there are people who cannot enjoy all foods because they have gastritis or irritable bowel and this can aggravate their inconvenience. If you suffer from irritable bowel in Menu we tell you which foods you should moderate or try to avoid, because the bowel and stomach will thank you.

If you suffer from irritable bowel it is recommended that you limit the consumption of milk, cheese or yogurt. According to an article published in healtline these products contain fat that can cause diarrhea. Preferably consumes the low-fat or fat-free dairy. You can also choose coconut, almond or rice.

Citrus fruits
These include fruits such as lemon, orange and grapefruit. In Mexico, we usually add lemon to many dishes, but you have to be careful because consuming citrus fruits in excess can lead to worsening symptoms of irritable bowel .

According to an article [1

9659005] from the Everyday Health portal, these foods can irritate the gastric mucosa and affect the intestine.

Fried food
This type of food is delicious, but it is harmful to people with the gut irritable. Because they are cooked with a lot of fat, which is difficult to digest and can be in the digestive tract for a long time, which makes you feel bloated.

Ideally, you should eat steamed or baked foods, because that way you will avoid consuming fat and you will take care of the gut.


Although delicious and we find it in a variety of desserts, you should avoid it if you have an irritable bowel . Healthline [19659005] mentions that chocolate (not pure, which is combined with milk and sugar) can cause constipation in those with this condition. This is because chocolate contains a high content of sugar and caffeine.

Spicy food [19659003] According to Everyday Health com Getting spicy can cause indigestion in some people, especially in those with irritable bowel . Spicy can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea as they stimulate the digestive system. It is difficult for Mexicans to avoid spicy foods, but it will be a benefit to your health.

Broccoli and cauliflower
These vegetables are difficult to digest for almost everyone, but it is even more so for people with irritable bowels. When the gut manages to break down these foods, it causes gas, diarrhea and sometimes constipation.

An article by Healthline recommends scraping the broccoli heads to simplify the digestive process, even if it does not prevent gas, diarrhea or constipation from occurring.

Our nutritionist Fernanda Alvarado says that legumes, although very nutritious and rich in vegetable proteins, also provide a lot of fiber and this can cause discomfort in people with this condition.

The treatment given to this discomfort, the expert says, is to have food taste, as in infants, to know how much tolerance they have, because each organism is different, and concludes that the ideal is that you go to a healthcare professional to become He who specifies the diet you need to take to avoid damaging the gut or stomach.

Fernanda Alvarado is a nutritionist and diabetes educator. Write the section "Healthy zone" in the printed supplement to Menu E l Universal It has continuing education studies in nutrition and education as a health promoter of Universidad Iberoamericana. Candidate for a master's degree in diet and dietetics with a specialty in social work.
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