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Accused Sheinbaum "business" of past administration in the healthcare sector


During the last administration, there were many companies there in the Ministry of Health, drug distribution was private contract, which cost about 500 million pesos per year, said the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, at a conference.

And she said that her administration decided to stop from buying drugs "and to promote a program that already existed in the companies themselves, the stores in the health secretariat for health logistics, and that is the secretariat itself, through purchases of certain vehicles made for drug distribution, "he said.

He acknowledged that there is a problem right now of distributing drugs in health centers "and we also had a delay in a drug offer, most of the tenders we make are linked to the federal government and some special medications are made directly by Health Ministry. "

He stressed that they have worked for the trade union" to stop managing the operation of hospitals, we announced that they were leaders of the unions that established schedules for doctors and nurses. "

Hospital staff Rubén Leñero condemns lack of supplies.

Meanwhile, doctors, nurses, carriers and administrative staff from the Rubén Leñero hospital demonstrated in front of the main door of the hospital at Calle Plan de San Luis on the corner of Díaz Mirón, Colonia Santo Tomás in the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo.

The protests protested about the lack of supplies, they condemned that they did not have the least healing equipment

They assured the patients to buy healing equipment and their drugs in this situation of lack of all areas of the hospital being affected.

After the workers' protest they returned to their work.

** José Antonio García.

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