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A Mexico's register primer muerte por vapeo

San Luis Pootsí /

Authorities de Salud de San Luis Potosí informaron que en México see the primary wall for us cigarettes electronically; they are due on the 18th of March to the 29th of October and to the Estad.

Services of the Salad of the Establishment to the Patient Hospital of the Central Hospital of the 1

4th of October with a new atypical, for which they are realizaron Our investigations are investigating the cause of cardiac arrest, pulmonary or infectious disease; including the real estate bill of influenza, VIH and other transmissibles.

“Other notices of the Department of Epidemiology (the Federal Secretariat of the Salud Federal) who are in the affirmative of defense una neumonía atípica, una neononía grave asociada al consumo de los cigarrillos electrónicos ”, said Miguel Ángel Lutzow Steiner, director of the Salud Public of San Luis Potosí.

The Secretariat of Salud emissio un aviso ep9 September 25th, and confirm that we are using the product of provocative atypicals.

Ante or the Commission Establishment vs. Riesgos Sanitarios implemented operations for the benefit of the product in the wake of this announcement and the alert was issued in the event of an alert. .

Carlos Alberto Aguilar Acosta titular de la Coepris which is prohibitive sua venta y su dis tribucion, "ten dates of recent constitution of the state of the state of the art, utilities, electronic cigarettes and repuestos", agrego.


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