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70th anniversary GP: Hülkenberg replaces Pérez, according to German press

Nico came back last weekend but could not run due to technical problems

The German has made a three-day simulation program to get ready

Nico Hülkenberg gets a new opportunity this weekend to drive Racing Point RP20 as a new replacement for Sergio Pérez. The German will be able to recover after suffering technical problems last Sunday that prevented him from participating in the race.

The second race at Silverstone and the second chance for Nico Hülkenberg who according to German RTL TV will run the 70th anniversary Grand Prix at Sergio Pérez place this weekend.

Nico has already been tested for covid-1

9 and tested negative. The German is ready and ready to get back in the car tomorrow. At Racing Point, they were happy with their work and their quick adaptation, even though they could not enjoy the race due to technical problems.

“He did a great job of getting into a car he had never driven, which is completely different from his car last year or in recent years, and also on a difficult track like Silverstone,” said Racing Point boss Otmar. Szafnauer.

Racing Point once again calls on Nico Hülkenberg to return this weekend as a replacement for Sergio Pérez, after the Mexican tested positive for covid-19 last week.

The containment “Czech Republic” must do until he recovers gives the Germans a chance to return to the Grand Circus after losing their Renault seat at the end of 2019 to Esteban Ocon.

The Lawrence Stroll team once again has an experienced pilot that they know well, as Hülkenberg piloted for them before the major reform that the team underwent in 2018, when Lance Stroll’s father bought the set.

Although Racing Point has an agreement to share spare drivers with Mercedes, neither Esteban Gutiérrez nor Stoffel Vandoorne could replace Pérez at this time, the first because he has to do a preliminary test of 300 kilometers to renew his super license and the second because he is in full swing Formula E final. That is why the team chose Hülkenberg.

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