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197 more military arrive in Culiacán


The National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) continues to strengthen operations in Culiacán Sinaloa, following the attack by elements of the National Guard, from the Pacific Cartel.

On Sunday afternoon 197 paratroopers arrived with rifles which will immediately join the security tasks on the streets of Culiacán where 230 parts of the forces are already Seden's special offers.

The commander of the Third Military Region, Carlos Ramón Carrillo del Villar, said that these elements came with direct instructions from the Secretary of the National Defense, Crescencio Sandoval, for the benefit of the community.

The strategy consists in establishing military security posts at the city's main entrances and these military security posts are linked by patrol, ”manife stó.

He assured that these measures are being implemented in coordination with the State Preventive Police and the Culiacán Municipal Police, each within their area of ​​competence, to achieve better results.

At the moment, all elements that come to Sinaloa would be, who will carry out this task of returning the tranquility to the unit, additional information to the more than 6,000 soldiers already in the state.

All security tasks are evaluated daily by an interinstitutional group, composed of all levels of government and adjustments will be made as needed.

The military commander made it clear that his only task was to return the calm to Culiacán and not to seek confrontations against the people who attacked them earlier. Thursday, October 1

7 in the Tres Ríos urban development.

We will apply a security and peace strategy, there is a guiding document, I wondered if we came across someone, yes, of insecurity, "he concluded.

After the confrontation, in the area of ​​the attack, informed authorities finally assured them: a machine gun, eight long guns, three short weapons, seven fragmentation grenades, three 0.40 mm caliber grenades, a smoke grenade, 40 magazines, about 20 cartridges and 20 vehicles.


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