No, downtown Los Angeles did not experience a meteoric impact or a visit from foreigners. It was all a Hollywood stunt of drink-maker Red Bull.

On Wednesday night, Twitter illuminated with videos and tweets from people who were worried about an obvious fireball stretch over the skis in downtown Los Angeles.

"What is this flying object on fire above downtown Los Angeles?" Dennis Hegstad wrote in a post on Twitter with the mysterious flying object.

"Did anyone else know the meteor over Los Angeles Downtown," wrote Twitter users @ Elliseckles.

Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Police Department jumped on Twitter to assure residents that it was not a meteor or even aliens, but Hollywood.

"PSA: A meteor doesn't crash into downtown Los Angeles, and no it's not an immigration … just a movie shooter. This is Tinseltown after all, "wrote LAPD.

Some Twitter users pointed to videos suggesting the actual meteor was a pair of wingsuit jumpers.

In a statement, the beverage producer Red Bull told that its Red Bull Air Force celebrated the third and final super engine of the year through to have protection bags in the wings jump from a helicopter 4000 meters above Los Angeles.

"To add a touch of Hollywood glitz, the costumes were equipped with LED lights and sparkling pyrotechnics that illuminated the night sky as the sun set and the supermoon rose," Red Bull said, noting that the jumpers moved more than 120 miles per hour .

As for the real thing, NASA this month confirmed a large meteor exploded over the Bering Sea in December. The agency said it generated enough energy that was roughly equivalent to 173 kilotons of TNT.

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